Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Disintegrate Unhealthy Ties

Set yourself free of negative, useless ties, bonds, vows: Call the blue lightning sword of Archangel Michael to cut your chakras, glands, aura free of negative influences, co-dependent ties, all unhealthy veils and bonds upon spirit, body, mind and heart. Once unhealthy cords are cut, call Spirit to disintegrate them (through all time and space) from between you and another person, spirit or situation anchoring the other end. Call Archangel Michael to permanently seal these doors.
Call Spirit to purify unhealthy relationships by calling lightning clarity between yourself and others to gently purify, layer by layer, the energies of exchange and to establish the foundation of Right Relationship.

“Longing for the Beloved”

"There is a longing that burns at the root of spiritual practice. This is the fire that fuels your journey. The romantic suffering you pretend to have grown out of, that remains coiled like a serpent beneath the veneer of maturity. You have studied the sacred texts. You know that separation from your divine source is an illusion. You subscribe to the philosophy that there is nowhere to go and nothing to attain, because you are already there and you already possess it. But what about this yearning? What about the way a poem by Rilke or Rumi breaks open your heart and triggers a sorrow that could consume you if you gave in to it? You’re pretty sure this is not a matter of mere psychology. It has little to do with unresolved issues of childhood abandonment, or codependent tendencies to falsely place the source of your wholeness outside yourself. The longing is your recognition of the deepest truth that God is love and that this is all you want. Every lesser desire melts when it comes near that flame.” –Mirabai Starr

Wayne Dyer's Thoughts on the Balance of Love

Friday, September 20, 2013

The End of the Age -- Discussions on the Olivet Discourse

I hope you take the time to watch these two brilliantly done you tube videos regarding the Olivet Discourse. Are we waiting for the world to burn up or has the end of the age already happened?

Friday, August 30, 2013

Jesus versus Fundamental Religion --- Mark 3

I had to smile when I read the first set of verses in Mark chapter 3. Jesus entered into the synagogue and encountered a man with a withered hand. The religious Pharisees, rulers, the leaders were waiting to see what Jesus would do because it was the Sabbath day. Everyone knew that ‘working’ on the Sabbath day was a ‘no no,’ even worthy of death.

Jesus asked, “Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath day, or to do evil? To save life, or to kill?” The Pharisees were silent.

Jesus looked around WITH ANGER. The Scripture says He was grieved due to the hardness/blindness of their hearts. What would make someone so calloused to not care about a misfortunate man? Why would a community of people be more concerned about a rule rather than the health and well being of one of their acquaintances? Imagine the suffering of the man who didn’t measure up: The taunts he heard, the ridicule from religious leaders. The blind man story in John 9 tells how the religious believed that someone’s sin caused the deformity.

“Sinner,” they determined about the deformed man.

Can you imagine the moment when Jesus said to man with the withered hand, “Stretch forth your hand!” Jesus knew that His act of compassion would bring about judgment from the leaders. He acted in mercy anyway. The man’s hand was restored to wholeness.

Now, most people would rejoice, would they not? “Whoo Hoo. An amazing miracle just happened at the synagogue!!” But these law-abiding self righteous, pious, judgmental, prideful people were steaming mad. They went behind closed doors with other conspirators devising ways to DESTROY Him. Not just get rid of, but destroy. Destroy is a powerful word. It means to demolish, to ruin, to abolish, or end something, to defeat in a crushing way. They wanted to destroy Someone who broke the rules they cherished. They were disconnected from all that Jesus offered… unconditional love and mercy, wisdom and understanding, grace and peace to all those who sit in darkness.

The Pharisees didn’t think they were in darkness, nor did they see themselves as blind. But Jesus could see their hearts and called them “blind guides,” “hypocrites,” saying to them, “Woe to you,” in Matthew 23.

Jesus WALKED AWAY from them. He wasn’t going to stick around this crowd. He wasn’t welcome, and He also knew they didn’t have ears to hear or eyes to see Him for Who He was/is - God in the flesh. Because of their own self righteousness, they missed the most Amazing Gift that ever blessed this planet. He WALKED AWAY from them.

He withdrew with His disciples as they celebrated the miracle. The disciples most likely asking Him … “How do you heal like that, Jesus? So awesome!” He and His friends retreated to somewhere safe and did the work that His Father was called Him to do. He healed the sick, released captives, and fed the poor.

This is the message of God’s heart. Love. Restoration. Wholeness. Healing. Peace. Compassion. Tenderness. Opposition of the oppressors.

Jesus came not to condemn the world, but to save it.

Jesus demonstrated the essence of the New Covenant. Mercy and love triumphs over any law or rule. Due to the cross, resurrection, ascension, and filling of the temple (corporate body of believers) with His own Spirit, the Old Covenant law vanished, making way for the New Covenant law of love to reign forever in our hearts. Amen.